Welcome to Radio Travel News

National, regional or custom travel news for your radio station, sent automatically to your playout system.

Radio Travel News is perfect for automated radio stations broadcasting online, or using a number of DAB multiplexes.

Real-time travel information is viewed as a valuable service by listeners, helping them plan their journeys in advance, or informing them of potential problems on the road ahead. And even if your listeners aren’t travelling, it’s good to give them a sense of what’s happening in real time around the country – a bonus if you run an automated service.


We provide 45-second UK audio travel bulletins every hour on weekdays, plus an extra half-hourly bulletin at breakfast and drive, and send it to Dropbox before the top/bottom of the hour.

Radio stations can play it before the news, after the news, or as a stand-alone item at any time.

The bulletin is unbranded and is designed to be a sponsored feature, the income from your travel sponsor more than covering the cost. It offers a snapshot of what’s happening on the roads and public transport to keep your listeners informed.

We update half-hourly from 7am till 9am and 4.30pm till 7pm inclusive, plus hourly from 10am till 4pm. Our team is experienced in travel news and will blend in perfectly with your output.


Regional travel news is available for a growing number of areas across the UK during ‘breakfast’ and ‘drive’ shows (see our table below). If you run an automated service, adding a regional bulletin will keep your listeners up-to-date with the major issues around them, leaving you free to run your radio station. If you provide ‘as live’ programmes, you can also add your own ultra-local travel news as and when it happens, either replacing the regional bulletin or in addition to it.

Local / Small-scale DAB

We offer a service for stations broadcasting on a small-scale DAB who are interested in carrying a local bulletin, but shared with other stations in the same area. Read more about the Bespoke DAB Bulletin here.


We can provide travel news for your own defined area, be it a city, county or region. With a bespoke/custom bulletin, you get travel news for your TSA, along with the option to have a custom in and out message with your radio station name. Call us on 0161 262 0102 for more details.

The 45-second bulletin contains:

Motorway closures
Trunk road incidents
Public transport emergencies
Severe weather disruptions

Radio Travel News works with all major playout systems – from RCS and Myriad to PlayoutONE and more.

All you need is a free Dropbox account and a facility to auto-insert audio content into your log. Most playout systems already include this facility and are used hourly by radio stations around the world.


Online radio stations are usually automated or semi-live. If you have an hourly news bulletin from Sky or Radio News Hub, why not complement it with travel news as well?

£25 per month (buy now)

If you run a service for the UK online and broadcast on a single multiplex of any size, you can add a little something extra by providing real-time travel information sent straight to your playout system.

£50 per month (buy now)

If you run a service for the UK on a number of multiplexes – you can add a little something extra by providing real-time travel information sent straight to your playout system. Price is for unlimited local multiplexes.

£100 per month (buy now)

National DAB radio stations – we’ve got you covered too. For a low monthly fee we can provide a national unbranded travel bulletin direct to your radio station every hour.

£200 per month (buy now)


If you are online and serving a particular area via an online audio stream, you could soon have a travel bulletin for your region, subject to availability. This price point is also available for not for profit stations such as community radio who want a regional travel news bulletin.

£50 per month

Choose from:

Your listeners can benefit from hearing the latest travel news for your region – and you can sell the feature to a local client. Information and an effortless way to bring real-time travel news to your station.

£100 per month per region

Choose from:

Why Radio Travel News?

Providing travel news on a local or regional scale is very time-consuming. Offering a national bulletin is almost a full-time job.

So if your radio station covers more than one area, either online or via AM/FM/DAB, let your listeners know what’s going on for their commute, road trips, or long-distance train journeys.

We also offer custom bulletins. Please contact us for more details on 0161 262102 or email hello@radiotravelnews.com.

Sign up today and have travel news tomorrow

You can order and pay for your monthly subscription on this website, then all you need to do is fill out a short form with details of your radio service and Dropbox account. In most cases, we’ll get you set up the same day with a shared folder for you to access the audio bulletin.

The bulletins are ‘white label’ and do not mention Radio Travel News. Our presenters end the bulletin with ‘that’s the latest… I’m [name]’. You can visit our client page at RadioTravelNews.com/today to find out who’s on reading duty for you to forward promote.