A303 | Wiltshire | Road Closure | Long Delays 30 minutes

The A303 is closed in both directions between its junctions of the A36 (Deptford) to the A350 (Hindon) with delays of at
least 30 minutes for approaching traffic. This road closure is due to a HGV fire earlier this morning with a recovery and extensive clean-up operation on-going. Highways England has resources deployed working hard to
restore normal conditions as soon as possible however resurfacing is also required and it is expected that the A303 will remain closed until at least Sunday morning.

For traffic approaching the closure locally, you are advised to expect
disruption with extra journey time.   

If travelling towards this area from much farther afield, you may wish to
change your strategic route, allow extra travel time and follow guidance from
our on-road variable message signs and media. 

Diversion route details and guidance is as follows;

Westbound traffic is advised to follow the solid black triangle diversion symbol via the A36 from Wylye, heading north towards Warmister. Then joining the A350 heading south to re-join the A303 west of Chicklade. 
Eastbound traffic to follow the solid black triangle diversion symbol via the A350 travelling north towards Warminster. Then joining the A36 southbound to re-join the A303 at Wylye.

Further incident information is available from Highways England by visiting
our www.trafficengland.com website and travel apps, or via our @HighwaysSWEST
regional twitter feed. 

For urgent real time assistance, our 24/7 contact
centre team is able to provide up to the minute information on 0300 123

Last updated on: 03/08/2019 12:35