M1 | Greater London | Road Closure | Delays

The M1 is currently closed from J1 to J4 in both directions with delays of at least 15 minutes covering several miles of the motorway. The full road closure is due to a police led incident.

For traffic approaching the closure locally, you are advised to expect disruption with extra journey time and may potentially have to re-route your journey. 

If travelling towards this area from much farther afield, you may wish to change your strategic route, allow extra travel time and follow guidance from our on-road variable message signs and media.  

Diversion route is signed by the hollow diamond symbol northbound and the hollow circle southbound. The route details and guidance are as follows:

From ‘Staples Corner’ roundabout A406/M1 junction 1 interchange follow the A406 (E) anti-clockwise east bound directional. At the ‘Brent Cross’ A41 interchange exit the A406 and join the A41 ‘Hendon Way’. Follow the A41 north bound through ‘Hendon Central’ and ‘Colindeep’ interchanges. At ‘Fiveways Corner’ interchange join the A1 ‘Barnet Bypass’ northbound. Continue following the A1 taking the 2 nd exit at ‘Mill Hill Circus’ interchange to continue on the A1 until the ‘Apex Corner’ roundabout. At ‘Apex Corner’ roundabout take the 2 nd exit to join the A41 ‘Edgeware Way / Watford Bypass’. At the first roundabout on the A41 ‘Edgeware Way / Watford Bypass’ take the 3 rd exit signposted ‘A41 Aylesbury, M1 (M25). Take the first left to join access the M1 northbound junction 4 entry slip.

Exit the M1 ‘B’ carriageway southbound directional at junction 4 to join the A41 ‘Watford Bypass’. At the first roundabout take the 1 st exit to resume on the A41 ‘Edgeware Way / Watford Bypass’. At ‘Apex Corner’ roundabout take the 2 nd exit to join the A1 ‘Watford Way’. At the ‘Mill Hill Circus’ roundabout take the 2 nd exit to continue on the A1 ‘Edgeware Bypass / Watford Way’. At the ‘Fiveways Corner’ interchange take the 2 nd exit to join the A41 ‘Watford Way’ southbound directional towards ‘C.London’. Continue on the A41 south bound through ‘Colindeep’ and ‘Hendon Central’ interchanges. At the ‘Brent Cross’ interchange exit the A41 and take the 3 rd exit to join the A406 (W) ‘North Circular’ anti-clockwise directional. Take the next exit on the A406 (W) to access ‘Staples Corner’ interchange which is junction 1 on the M1.
Further incident information is available from Highways England by visiting our www.trafficengland.com website and travel apps, or via our @HighwaysSEAST regional twitter feed. For urgent real time assistance, our 24/7 contact centre team is able to provide up to the minute information on 0300 123 5000. Highways England has been working closely with our emergency services colleagues Metropolitan Police, who lead the response to this incident. 

Last updated on: 03/08/2019 03:55