Who is Radio Travel News aimed at?

Any radio station in the UK with either a national/regional focus, or a specialist genre of music. We provide real-time useful information for listeners who require travel information for their surrounding areas. We have created Radio Travel News to cater for the growing number of stations on single or multiple DAB multiplexes, but also welcome existing AM/FM stations to join us.

How do you deliver the bulletins?

We use Dropbox to deliver all of our audio to stations. Accounts are free of charge too at Dropbox.com.

Can I use a regional bulletin on my local/community station?

We are not aimed at smaller stations covering single towns or rural areas, unless they happen to be geographically in the middle of one of our covered regions. For example, any stations around Manchester, Liverpool or Preston may benefit from our north west England bulletin, but a station in Blackpool or Burnley may not.

Which areas do you cover?

We have a main national bulletin covering Great Britain, along with regional bulletins which will cover all English regions in due course, along with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Which incidents do you report on?

We have a 45-second window to report on the major incidents around the country. The bulletins will usually feature; Motorway closures, Trunk Road incidents, Public Transport emergencies and major delays on the main routes.

Are you going to be providing regional bulletins for all areas?

Currently, we are providing a national, north west and East of England bulletin and other regional bulletins will be added over time. We will choose these based on demand, so if there is a region that you want us to launch for your station, please do get in touch so we know.

We may also look to launch county or small-sized area bulletins based on station requirements.

My station is automated, can I still use this service?

Yes. We deliver the bulletins to a Dropbox folder where most playout systems can access the file and insert it into your log automatically.

Can you help me set up the auto-import on my playout system?

We can certainly have a conversation with you about what you need and who you should gain support from. Most playout systems come with a facility to import files for hourly news bulletins etc, and most suppliers will be able to provide support documents for this.

I don’t have the facility to automate the bulletin import for my station, can I still use the service?

Yes. You can download the file from the Dropbox account and manually play it out.

When will the bulletins be delivered?

The national bulletins will be available in your Dropbox folder five minutes before the top of the hour and bottom of the hour for peak times.

We want to broadcast travel news more often than you are sending the bulletin, can I play it out more than once?

Yes, you are free to play the bulletin as many times as you like on the station that you have paid for the service for.

What days do you provide a service?

At launch, we provide bulletins Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. Weekends and bank holiday bulletins may be added in the future.

What happens if a travel news incident happens out of hours?

For significant national incidents out of hours, we may provide a breaking news bulletin which will be titled differently in your Dropbox folder. Some playout systems can automatically detect this and add it to your log automatically. We will also email you at your sign up email address to let you know that there is a file there.

How do I know who is reading my travel news each day?

We want your presenters to be part of your team, so we provide you with their names on this page: radiotravelnews.com/today

When will I be charged?

You are charged for your service on a monthly basis upfront, and the payment reoccurs on the monthly anniversary of your start date.

Can I pay by Standing Order or Direct Debit?

Our bank does not offer Direct Debits currently, but we are happy for you to set up a Standing Order. If you would like to order this way, please commence your order via https://radiotravelnews.com/sorder

What kind of audio file will you send?

We will dispatch a mono mp3 file no longer than 45 seconds in duration. The typical size will be around 700KB – so just under 1MB.

Where do you get your data from?

Our information comes from a number of sources – the main one being public data from Highways England, Traffic Scotland, and Traffic Wales. Each bulletin is checked and double-checked before being recorded and sent to stations.

Do you provide travel news data for stations to use?

Not at the moment. Our priority is to provide an audio bulletin, but as our service develops we may look at providing data as well as audio.

Can I let you know about an incident in my area and expect it on the next bulletin?

Certainly – as a client you’ll have our contact information and we welcome updates from the regions. Our main email for any updates is news@radiotravelnews.com

Who are you?

Radio Travel News Ltd is owned by two Directors – Andrea Day and Roy Martin. Both have lots of experience in and passion for radio, and also providing travel news either to radio stations or on radio stations. We are a new company set up in 2020 and we started our service in January 2021.