In exchange for the monthly subscription, Radio Travel News will provide a 45 second current, professionally produced travel bulletin in mp3 format, at the agreed times.

The bulletin will be delivered to your Dropbox account which will require you to provide your email address associated with your account.

Radio Travel News is responsible for the delivery of the bulletin to your Dropbox folder and you are responsible for importing it into your playout system.

The travel news bulletin provided is for broadcast only on the radio station which is named in the agreement.

Each travel news bulletin can be broadcast more than once on the radio station named in this agreement and at any time.

Payments are taken via calendar monthly subscription in advance. The subscription and contract auto-renews each month on the monthly anniversary from first payment.

28 days notice is required to terminate your service with Radio Travel News.

Radio Travel News may, at any time, withdraw service providing 28 days notice is given.

If payment is not received on the monthly anniversary, Radio Travel News may withdraw your service without notice.

If you pay for this service on behalf of a radio station, you are confirming that you have the authority to do so.

We reserve the right to add our own five-second read sponsor to the bulletin.

Any price changes will be communicated with 1-month notice.

These terms may change at any time.